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    my rig (triumph with a small cosy sidecar} does not track absolutely straight under all conditions. a road camber may cause slight right drift . wind drag (commences around 65 mph) also causes the same thing. tire pressures (25 psi front 35 psi rear, 22 psi sidecar) are all good.
    seems to behave the same with and without a load.
    is this the same or similar experience most folks here have?
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    Yes. A rig will only track straight at one speed. That speed will be determined by the toe-in and lean out and may vary with road crown. My Ural was set-up by the dealer with very little toe-in and at speeds above 45 MPH pulled to the right much more than I liked. I increased toe-in to 10mm with 3 degrees lean-out and find it much more comfortable to control at highway speeds.

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    Leading-Link Forks

    If a rig has conventional forks (vs. Telelever), you can purchase an aftermarket leading link front end. Mine has Unit Front forks (UK), which cost around $1,500 many years ago, but they may be almost the same now. LOTS of dough? You betcha. Worth every dime? You betcha.

    If you've never driven a rig with this upgrade, you have NO idea how much better it can be. Prior to adding these, my '80 Naked Wing (hey, it's a Boxer, too) was something of a beast in the twisties. Now? It SNEERS at twisties -- virtually NO steering effort, and it tracks like an arrow at all speeds, all the way to the speedo "peg" at 85 mph, and beyond. (The needle stops, the outfit just keeps going, and you still feel in control.)

    Walking Eagle

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    Second the Motion

    I second Walking Eagle's endorsement of Unit Forks. My 1987 K100LT w/ Hannigan came with them when I bought the rig in 2007. My previous rig was an Earles fork /2, which I gave good steering. The Unit Forks provide very light and quick steering, to the point of slight oversteer. Well worth the money.

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