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Thread: new Maryland rider 1 year of riding

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    new Maryland rider 1 year of riding

    I never made my new rider post. I took a 20+ year hiatus from riding. Twenty years ago, I was riding a 1984 Honda CB750 and I had more hair. At 21, I was invincible and occasionally reckless. I never took any riding courses or practiced. But, I wore a leather jacket, gloves, and a full face helmet. One example of reckless was jumping the railroad tracks at 80-90MPH. An example of bad judgement was studying from a Berlitz Japanese book while riding. Back then, I was an over confident rider without the skills needed. However, luck and the grace of God kept me from being injured. After about 4000 miles, I sold the bike for a bicycle after having a scary near miss. After riding bicycle for years and having three notable crashes with cars, I came to the realization that motorcycles are safer. Last year, using statistical data and after moping for a few months, I got permission to get a bike. The only catch was I had to clean the floors more. I bought a used 2002 RTP with the goal of being a safe daily motorcycle commuter. Although, I took two riding courses, I was wobbly for the first few months of commuting. The bike was big and heavy. I had a few drops while doing slow maneuvers. But, I did not let this deter me. Early on, I overestimated my skills to stop. I had a minor collision with another vehicle in which I had no injuries or damage, but the other driver claimed injuries. After 200+ commutes and 15K in millage, I am a decent motorcycle commuter now. I still take classes. Originally, I hoped to save money riding motorcycle. Despite being a little disappointed with the cost, my stress level is less. I also enjoy my commute which was not the case when I was driving. I hope more people consider commuting by motorcycle. It is infinitely more rewarding than driving.
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    Well, it's about time!! Glad you've been hanging around the forum. Commuting can be an interesting really have to pay attention to what's going on. Good luck and continued safety!!
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