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Thread: S1000 Sales Halted!

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    This is old news and all affected bikes have been corrected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    This is old news and all affected bikes have been corrected.
    Yes, old news. And, maybe all S1000RR's have been corrected but I'm not sure how you can tell that. If you're in the market for an S1000RR, or any BMW for that matter prior to purchase take the last 7 characters and give it to your BMW dealer. Within a matter of seconds they can advise you of recall status.

    We had a policy where we ran the vin for 100% of all created repair orders and then some. Please note: many dealers do NOT take the time to do this - you may need to ask your dealer to do so. It was common to come across units a number of years old that still had outstanding recalls. Other dealerships had not taken the time to check status.

    And then there is this little tidbit: more than once I've seen dealers submit warranties for work never performed in order to receive a payment. Exceptionally profitable until you get caught. Try to be aware of recall's and review your repair order whenever work is performed. Ask questions as MANY, MANY repair orders are written poorly and do not clearly explain what took place in the shop. Prior to paying for the repair order do a proper review and make sure it is clearly stated as to what took place. Once the repair order is cashiered it is extremely difficult to correct errors although it is possible. Typically you need permissions and the store must be closed. Or, everyone needs to log off the system. Not practical during working hours. The time for correction is PRIOR to making payment, not after.

    Also, make it a practice to check your vin maybe 3 to 4 times a year. It's a freebie and it may prove worthwhile for your own safety.

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