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Thread: Padded riding shorts..............................

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    Every bum is different, but I'll share my experience with wooden beads on a 3500 mile ride. I liked them in the rain and in the high heat and humidity of the South. They kept rain from pooling on the saddle and kept air flowing over the boys. Also, sliding back and forth across them was like having a loved one scratch my butt. Felt great!

    On the minus side, I find them really uncomfortable on a firm seat after a while. I had a Corbin at the time, and it really was like sitting on pebbles.
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    I took a beaded seat and an AirHawk when I was doing 500-900 mile days on my LT. I would go 225-275 miles and stop for gas. When I stopped I would change what I was sitting on.

    That changed pressure points and made the longer days more comfortable.

    I have yet to do more than 350 miles in a day on the RS, but plan to do some seat changes like I did on the LT.

    Also tried a gel pad, but did not care for it. A sheepskin was an improvement until it got wet, so I ditched that concept after a while. I had a complete sheepskin, legs and all that was dyed a reddish daughters called it Lassie. It took care of both rider and pillion.

    I have not found bicycle shorts or some of the motorcycle britches in big enough sizes for my current circumference.
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    Affordable comfort solution.

    This is an affordable alternative that is customizable by owner. I put one of these on a hard Corbin and rode 2000 miles. It was so comfortable the morning of my final day of travel that I fell asleep... Not the fault of the cushion but of a tired rider.

    This thing literally saved my a$$ and it can be moved from bike to bike.

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    I saw a lady at a rally recently with a product called "Butt Buddy" that looked interesting. You might google it. It attaches by straps to the seat.
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    Looks like something Craig Vetter starting designing years ago.
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    Many Thanks guys!!

    It appears that I'll need to use your suggestions and do more research.



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    I read somewhere?..that the reason bicycle shorts don't work for most, is due to the fact that on a bicycle, by pumping you are working the 'performa' muscle in the buttocks. That promotes blood flow. Whereas sitting on a just that sitting. No muscle stimulation involved, no blood flow.

    Custom seat is normally the answer, but I've found relief with both...a sheepskin pad, and / or an Airhawk.

    Although my honest opinion is to get off at the interval that is best for you.

    Also, when you do stop. Do a few Frog-Squats,and toe touches. Then sit down, raise [say] right leg, grasp below the knee, & try to touch your left ear with your right knee. In other words pulling your leg up & to the left, stretching the muscles in the butt. Then of course do the same with the other leg.

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    Several years ago I bought a used CD BMW Manual for my 99-R1100-S. I talked to the seller and we talked about what changes he made to his bike. Said the best thing was to get a replacement seat. "If your going to spend the kind of money you need to for the bike you want you might as well be able yo ride it in comfort." Got a Corbin with the seat cut a higher than stock and to push me about 2 inches forward. Six two 225 pounds. Best money I ever spent on a modifacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 41077 View Post
    Fredricks of Hollywood...
    What a great idea!!!

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    Ibuprofen and get off and stretch every 90-120 minutes or so. I take two IB before I start riding, so the inflammation doesn't even get started.

    I also like LD-Rider underwear. Tried the bike shorts and it didn't work for me, felt like I'd dumped a load. As far as beads - they turn 4 very painful spots into 1000 very painful spots for me. Russell seat - owned 3 of them - can't say they were a miracle - they helped a bit. Sargent seat - have one now I like, had one made a number of years ago that I hated. Sheepskin - see load in the pants feeling. Airhawk or FreedomAire - both help as much as anything can. I see the latest Airhawks now have taken the male anatomy into account.. the one I had moved the pain from by buttocks forward. FreedomAir worked well right out of the box..

    BUT - nothing beats Ibuprofen for me on an all day ride. Strangely - if it's a multi-day ride, usually by day-3 I really need very little IB.. seems my butt and seat sort of get to a truce by the 3rd day and stop bugging me.

    NOTE: I am not an MD. I don't recommend you take anything for riding, I'm just telling you what I use. YMMV. All sales are final.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deilenberger View Post
    Ibuprofen and get off and stretch every 90-120 minutes or so...{snip}

    Sometimes my mind gets a bit "saddlesore". Then, I get lazy with my defensive riding. I know it happens when I begin to lose a bit of concentration and don't check my mirrors as often as I should and forget the "head check" at times when changing lanes. It's at this point that I find a 15-minute break with hydration does wonders.

    With the OEM low seat, stopping every 90 minutes was a necessity; it addressed my sore butt AND refreshed my concentration. Now that I have the RDL seat, I try to take the same 90-minute break interval even though my butt is fine.

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    padded shorts

    I got a pair from my dealer. I had seen them on the MSR website. They were designed for enduro riders or all day trailer riders. I wore them a couple of times, but I felt the stitching could have been placed differently. They worked okay, but the seams were noticable after a couple of days. They were constructed of nylon, so they could be washed and dried each evening without a lot of hassle.
    These might be worth checking into.


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