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Thread: Greetings from NYC!

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    Post Greetings from NYC!

    I live in Astoria, Queens, on a street with no alternate side parking(!). I have a 2005 R1200GS that I bought on the last day of February 2011 as a fly-n-ride in Georgia. I promptly did a 1,600 mile trip of visiting family and friends down south, then had a nice 400 mile lap home during one of the worst rainstorms I've ridden through (including that tornado outside Lynchburg, VA back in '96). I'm pretty sure it was the heated grips that got me through.

    The bike has 52,xxx miles on it. I'm the third owner. Unfortunately, the bike is mostly a commuter vehicle these days. I do get out for occasional weekend trips to visit family or friends, but nothing epic yet.

    This is my first BMW. My first bike was a '96 Honda Shadow 600, bought new without ever having ridden a day in my life. My friends "taught" me how to ride the first night in a couple dark, gravel-strewn parking lots. They say in a wreck you'll slide, roll or get pinned under the bike. I did all three that night. Oh, and the $500 deluxe chrome package I had to have? Rock beats scissors, and gravel beats the crap out of chrome. But I rode that thing into the ground. 53,000 miles in 5 years of riding.
    Fast forward a few years and I'm living in Brooklyn. Finances look good so I buy a '04 Honda Shadow Aero 750. Very pretty bike, but the love affair did not last long. The regulator/rectifier pooped out (often in Midtown rush hour traffic uphill). The street we lived on at the time had alternate side parking 6 days a week. That meant I had to move the bike 4 days out of 7 and compete with guys who never seemed to work but had plenty of time to move their 4 cars just as the street cleaning truck passed by. And these were the kinds of guys who would leave 4-5 feet between each of their cars. I sold the Aero after 2 years for only $400 less than I paid for it.

    Why do I ride? I don't know. Since the days of dreaming about bikes with my friend in college I've been fascinated by the Iron Butt. I love long rides. But I'm still a novice when it comes to these things. I'm still learning mechanics, gear, trip-planning, proper routing of a Stadium Pal, etc.

    One goal of mine is to find the last ____ I'll buy. I think this bike might be the one I ride into the ground (unless my SuperStakes ticket is the big winner). My MotoPort pants and Combat Touring Boots are the last boots and pants I'll buy. This isn't some "I'm dying very soon" type of declaration. It means I'm looking for the quality, long-lasting gear and equipment that I'll stick with for the rest of my life.

    I hope BMWMOA proves to be one of those items. That was a long introduction.

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    Welcome and thanks for the intro. Sounds like you're on your way to really settling in with this bike. Will you be testing the long distance capability of the bike by coming to the National in Missouri! If so, see you there...
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    Welcome! I'm trying to imagine what it's like to live in the city without a driveway of my own or a garage or space to stockpile motorcycle junk. I can't wrap my head around such a seemingly hostile environment. It's as if you said you live in the middle of the African Savannah or atop a 14,000 foot peak. I'm captivated. I can't wait to hear more about being a motorcyclist in New York City.

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    Welcome to the forum! I have complete respect for anyone who regularly rides in the city. I have family that live in Glendale and Floral Park, and I don't like driving down there, let alone riding. Best of luck with the GS, you will find that just about any question you can think of will be able to be answered on this forum.
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    Riding in NYC definitely is quite different from my days toodling around Greensboro, NC.
    It's an exercise in ego. I have to constantly tell myself, "It's a commute, not a competition." When that ass cuts me off, or zips past me to be the first one at the red light I have to consciously prevent myself from screaming, "Oh YEAH?!" kicking down a gear and burning rubber to prove how significantly large my genitalia are.
    I've traded paint with SUVs & Unmarked White Vans (UWVs), had my foot run over by an ass in SUV who just had to be in my lane, tested my ABS more times than I would have liked.

    But honestly? It comes with the territory. It's a big reason why I went with the GS instead of an RT or another cruiser. But it does sharpen one's visual scanning and ability to read traffic and anticipate the actions of other vehicles.

    I do need to refresh my skills, though. I rode out to Harbor Freight on Long Island yesterday and the decreasing-radius, 15mph ramps off the highways put a little butterfly in my stomach. I did not like that.

    Thanks for the welcomes, and I look forward to learning and eventually meeting some of y'all face-to-face.

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    Welcome! Consider signing up for an MSF course in your area. It's a great way to refresh your skills and really get to know your bike. Also, consider joining us in Arkansas for the GS Giant Gypsy Tour then onto Sedalia for the rest of the festivities.

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    Welcome from WNY! Epic long ride? A nice warm up would be to this years Rally. They are having an IBA ride out of Scranton which is almost on your way. I am giving it consideration, check it out!

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    welcome , I live in stamford and ride with a great group of folks with the westchester bemmers. Lots of GS riders and lots of great rides on roads you will be talking about for weeks if not longer. We meet not far from you and I think you would really like the group. Enjoy that great bike and hope to see you on the road.

    There are GS rides on some great back roads, though I ride a K1200 gt.

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