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Thread: Replacement Saddles GTL & GT

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    Replacement Saddles GTL & GT

    So you have the have the low/high seat on the GTL which are only different in height by 1 inch. You can install the GT seat on the GTL or you can buy other brands. What have you done and how has it worked? Pulling the trigger this weekend and I would like to have those ideas in mind while deciding between the GT and GTL.

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    GTL low seat here 6'2" but only 30" inseam. Sent it off to Russel for "day long" treatment and raised it inch and 1/4. Seems about perfect

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    I'm a 30" inseam so I configured my K16GT with the low seat. I run it in the low position around town when I'm in parking lots and such and I move it up to the high position for all day rides.

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