Living in Los Angeles it's easy to get to Mexico. And I've gone many times, but seldom on the motorcycle beyond Ensenada.

So a month or two ago I decided to ride the Baja Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas and back.

I left on March 31st, a Saturday and got to Ensenada for the first night. It was cold, cloudy and a bit windy. And not much fun.

Sunday morning April 1st was a little better, but as I headed south toward the next stop for Sunday night, Catavina, I started to get some very severe wind.
I'm not much of a photographer, but I have to take a few simple photos to give me a memory later.

There is only one road from Tijuana, my entry point to Cabo, which is all paved, except for construction detours which were numerous. That is Mexico 1.
Ensenada is quite a big town, but Catavina amounts to a very few shacks, and one very beautiful mission style hotel/motel. It's now called the Mission Catavina but was formerly the Desert Inn, part of the Mexican hotel chain.
There is no longer a gas station in Catavina. There were two, but they closed.

There is a man who sits in his pick up about 15 hours a day, with some large barrels of gas. Which he sells for $5 per gallon.
With a two hundred mile stretch of a lot of nothing, it's good to get some, and I got one on the way down, and 3 on the way back.

Some photos.

First, a different Coco's at the beach where they have the horses. Just north of Ensenada. Cold, windy, not much of a day for the beach. And only a very few people were on the beach.
Then a night in Mulege, no photos there.
Then on to La Paz, where it was finally warm. And the horrendous wind finally died down.
My neighbors bikes, Kurt and Donna from Salinas on a GS and a Harley. This is in the compound where we stayed, in La Paz. Kurt and Donna rode down in February, then flew home for a while, and were now back to leave for Salinas. They were to take 7 days to get back from La Paz, to Salinas.
And my most important friend in La Paz, in the window. Both nights there he came in to visit me.