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Thread: "I'm an RS kind of guy..." Donald Douglass

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    "I'm an RS kind of guy..." Donald Douglass

    It was a beautiful, sunny July day, and I had just ridden the fun, twisty section of Monashee Pass on Highway 6 in B.C. With just a few kilometers of easy curves to go before the rest stop, I wicked up the pace a bit. Bushes crowd the road in this section, and what I remember is a split second blur of brown, streaking from right to left, with a jink as I passed it, untouched. I rolled off the throttle as my heart raced. For the rest of that trip, the image of the crossing deer kept playing over in my mind, along with images of other close calls I had had in prior years.

    During my lifetime, I have had my share of them, some while riding, some while skiing or flying. But for some reason, this near collision really traumatized me. So much so that when I returned home I impulsively sold my lovely Oiler RS, and sat back to re-assess my mortality, as I approached my 60th year.

    In the years that followed, I still rode occasionally, enjoying some regional trips on borrowed and rented bikes, including a Harley, a Versys, and a 650 Paris Dakar. This broadened my touring experience with other types of machines.

    As time went by, the idea of bike ownership percolated from my subconscious to my conscious mind, just as Freud predicted. It felt a little strange not having a two wheeler in the garage, and I began to think about what I would get, if I got another bike. I loved the agility and light weight of the 650s, and this led me to thinking that the ideal bike would weigh about 400 pounds, but have just a bit more displacement. Ducati's ST2 fit the bill, and I began looking at ads, registered on Ducati Sport Touring, and almost bought a lovely blue one that was on consignment in our local Duc shop.

    About that time, Dave Anderson of Anderwerks BMW finished building his HP2 Enduro Supermotard conversion, and suggested that I take it on a trip (I'm the unofficial Anderwerks project bike exerciser). I had a lovely fall run to Waterton Park, and, the following summer, to the Kootenays on the annual Jack S**t Invitational.

    With its Remus Power Cone exhaust and un-counterbalanced engine the bike was really raw and wore me out, but it was so much fun to ride that it got me to thinking about getting a civilized 1200. You know, one with a counterbalancer and a telelever front end with little rubber bits in it, to keep those nasty engine vibrations away from delicate fingers and toes. And it would have to be an ST, because, as the late editor of the MOA News used to say: "I'm an RS kind of guy".

    After about a year of searching, I found a lovely blue and silver one in Ontario, made a deal on it, and arranged to ship it to Anderwerks. Just in time for the riding season. And here she is, at the Kitchener Waterloo Regional Airport:

    I never met Donald, but through his writings I felt like I knew him, and I know he would have loved the ST. I will enjoy riding what would have been his favourite BMW.

    Oh, and that top case is going into storage, and I may sell it. Don wouldn't have wanted a top case on any RS or ST.
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    Nice write-up Rinty ΤΗτ enjoyed reading your story. Perhaps I will see you on the road or down at Anderwerks some day. Very nice ST, enjoy your time riding.
    Glenn W.
    At The Foothills of The Rocky Mountains
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    And it's nice to remember Douglass, too.
    David Brick
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    That was a nice story. Nice presentation. I already know of my mortality. So these near death experiences never seem to phase me.
    I just rode down to Cabo San Lucas and back. And had two clear near death experiences. But it's so common here in the Los Angeles area. Maybe that's it. I'm just so used to it.
    Churchill said 'there is no greater feeling than to be shot at ... and missed'.
    But I don't even get a thrill out of it anymore.
    Anyway, that looks like a nice bike. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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    Hey Rinty,

    Thanks for the post! I was just gonna post something about my new bike but clearly it fits in here better.

    I'm an RS kind of guy, too, but it took me a few decades to realize that. My first Beemer in Oct. '76 was an R100RS. Loved the fairing. Never got over not having it.

    Then four years ago I bought a '94 R1100RS, mostly because I loved the pearl silver (white) paint and teal seat, and realized I was an RS kind of guy.

    Yesterday I just got home to NJ after leaving Orlando Sat. morning on my new '05 R1200ST. It IS an RS, and I'm glad.

    Happy riding,

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    LOVE your story.

    Voni - an RS kind of girl
    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    4,937 RS kind of girl...Voni
    Voni: I was, just this evening, telling my client who co-ordinated the bike transport for me, about your recent sMilestone.

    Thanks for the comps on the story everybody; it only took 10 drafts over 6 weeks before I was happy with it.

    As an update, the bike arrived in Calgary this afternoon, and here is the happy gang at Anderwerks, all set to take over the care of their new charge:

    We had a bit of excitement with the local transport when one of the tie down strap buckles wore through its strap:

    The bike tipped into the side of the truck, but damage was limited to some scratches on the side cases, so all is well.

    I'm look forward to a fun summer of sport touring:

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    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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