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Thread: 1993 K75S ECE - Belly Pan or Engine Spoiler

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    1993 K75S ECE - Belly Pan or Engine Spoiler

    I purchased a belly pan kit for my 93 K75S European model and the installation is giving me some headaches.

    I believe I am missing some bolts and body nuts. Specifically, I seem to be missing two body nuts that are supposed to attach to the front bracket. Without these body nuts, I can't figure how to hold the two Allen M6X30mm bolts which screw in through the centre of two large rubber grommets under the belly pan.

    I looked up the body nut part number and most part depict it as #22 on the schematic but do not list it as available.

    The second conundrum of the belly pan puzzle is the top bracket attachment. That's the bracket close to the radiator. There appears to be two methods of attachment, one use a grommet and another one attaches to the existing fairing.

    I will post pictures later this afternoon. If anyone has some pictures available of their setup, that would be wonderful.
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    Found it, Got it!

    I found the missing M6 body nut despite the fact it is no longer listed for the K75S.

    The M6 body nut has multiple uses and lives in many other models including the latest K1600GT.

    If you ever need this body nut for your belly pan or for any M6 bolt application, the part number is: 51 12 7 070202.

    Here is what the body nut looks like installed on the front bracket.

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    1993 K75S Mystic Red Pearl
    2007 K1200GT 997 Blue

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