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Thread: Calling David Hough

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    Calling David Hough

    No you don't need to get in touch with me. I'm just one of your countless fans because of your superb books (stored in my bathroom for frequent review,) a person who has enjoyed your seminars and "coffee with Dave" at three MOA rallies, and one who has appreciated your contributions to the forum for your wit, even if the subject (ex. trikes) is not of particular interest to me.

    Hope you are still around. My search for recent dispatches from you on the forum came up empty after about a year ago. (Which, I hope, just means I don't know how to use this feature effectively.)

    If any of you are in touch with Dave, or can provide links to more recent posts, be good to hear from you. Hard to think of anyone who has done more for riders than he.
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    I've not seen him in awhile, but seem to recall that he did a riders seminar in Seattle at Ride West just a month or two ago...

    Oh, and now that I went to another thread...he was scheduled to do a seminar on March 21 at Ride West. I see him now and then on one of the ferry routes.

    Cheers! BJ
    Bill Johnston

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    "I'm just one of your countless fans because of your superb books"

    I just want to extend my thanks for the Yellow Book and all of the help found within that spiral binder. I am still working on flying the chair, but after a year of riding with a hack and his well found prose, my hacking is something to behold. He did warn me in the book that people would strike up conversations with you when riding a hack, perhaps with the price of gas, I should charge them for my time LOL I hope all is well with Dave too.

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    I also haven't seen much from Dave on the forum but I do know he is knee deep in an update/rewrite of a book or books so suspect he has his head down and working.
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