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Thread: New member in El Paso, TX

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    Smile New member in El Paso, TX

    Hi, I have been lurking this site for some time, I like it very much, and as the proper time to purchase my first BMW bike is approaching, I can't wait any longer to be part of this group.
    My plans are to buy a new R1200RT around July, I currently have two bikes one is an '86 Yamaha Venture Royale (24 years with it) and a '93 Suzuki GSX1100G.
    I start riding back in 1982 and still enjoying in, now more, since I just retired last December.

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    Welcome to the MOA forum! Hope you get your new RT soon so you can post a photo for us to enjoy.
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    Welcome from out of the shadows! Sounds like you're really looking forward to the new bike...but how can you wait that long?? It would kill me!!
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    One of my week end riding friends let me ride either one of his beemers, a '93 K1100RS or a '05 R1200RT, that is why I discover how fine machine a BMW bike is, they "stick" to the ground, you really "feel" the handling, the ergonomics are great, etc.

    I still enjoy my Venture, as I tell my friend I can ride that bike "in my sleep" but the RT is the one for me.

    Some family issues $$ (-at the end of the day everything boils down to $$)- is what is keeping me from getting this bike not soon enough.


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