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Thread: Best riding boots and misc.

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    +1 for Sidi Canyons. Very similar design when compared to the CBT Lites, but with very little break-in required. I found their sizing to be true, although I have a narrow foot and have never had the need to find a wide version of any boot.
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    +2 on the BMW All Around boots
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    Best boots I have worn are my custom Wesco's, made for my feet. Expensive yes but I wore them every day for 4 years, work and play (my work is crawling around in attics!) before I sent them back for a rebuild and now $200 later they are as good as new.

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    Tried many boots for fit then took a ride to Aerostich and tried both versions of the combat boots,bought the combat lites and rode home with them on. That was 5 years ago and they still fit great!
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    You have to try them on

    I have had difficulty finding dedicated riding boots that didn't look like......

    This comment posted by one responder hits it on the head. Another response was about having a wide foot, so try them on.
    BMW Boots I'm a 46, Sidi 45, etc. Lot of good recomendations,

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    I just got the Alpinestars Gran Torino Goretex boots. Been very happy with the comfort so far, both on and off the bike, but haven't tried in extreme heat or rain yet. Worth taking a look.
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    BATES - a division of Wolverine

    The BATES line of side zip boots are great.

    I have Fox, BMW, and Bates. The Bates are amazing boot.
    Good prices and comfortable.
    Remember that some riding boots -- including BMW -- were created by their marketing and sales teams to extend their add on sales to their customer base.
    Bates are pure boots with a purpose. My son wore Bates during both his tours in Iraq. Sturdy, well-made, and fair priced.

    Boots are good if you can dance in them
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    Combat boots are not riding boots, are not dancing shoes. If I'm dancing, it's because I have changed from my riding boots into my dancing shoes.
    Remember, we are living in the age of specialization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David13 View Post
    Whoa. Combat boots are not riding boots
    No, but Combat Touring Boots are, some of the best made IMO
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    Protection for your saddle bags

    I use "303 Aerospace Protectant" for all the black trim on K1200GT. It's not the cheapest, but lasts long and protects against UV without leaving ANY greasy residue. You end up with a natural looking sheen. Available at local marine stores.

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    Combat Touring Lite

    I chime in with another endorsement for the sold by Aerostich/made by Sidi Combat Touring Lite boots.

    I'm on my 2nd pair, after having got 5 years and 60,000 miles out of the first pair. I had the first pair re-soled once, and I also had to replace the plastic part that affixes the buckle to the leather. Aerostich sells all the replacement parts for the boot, so once you've find a good cobbler, the boots can be repaired as necessary.

    They also look like "normal" boots. I can wear them at work (yes, they really are that comfortable) without looking like a Storm Trooper.

    If I spent my life riding off-road, I'd consider the Combat Touring boots, but the Combat Lites have suited my needs every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samgt View Post
    I use "303 Aerospace Protectant" for all the black trim on K1200GT. It's not the cheapest, but lasts long and protects against UV without leaving ANY greasy residue. You end up with a natural looking sheen. Available at local marine stores.
    Best stuff in the world for black trim.

    I also heartily recommend the 'Stitch CBT Lites. They look somewhat normal, are easy to get on and off, and are all-day comfortable.

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    May I make a suggestion to the OP and the rest of you who read this thread?

    Ask ONE question in your original post. If you have second question, make it in ANOTHER POST.

    There are lots of people who care about boots but not stuff to restore their black vinyl and vice versa. In the future, people who care to use the "search" feature will find some very interesting opinions on both topics harder to find.

    Just a suggestion. Both are good questions and have elicited a number of good answers. Try to separate those questions in the future.
    1992 K100RS

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