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Thread: Best riding boots and misc.

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    Question Best riding boots and misc.

    My BMW riding boots are shot and I need some new ones. Any suggestions as to comfort, walking comfort and waterproof. Also wondering what the best product to use for the hard luggage to keep the black from fading in the sun. I use Mothers back to black but it doesn't seem to last too long. Any and all suggestions would be most helpful. Keep it between the lines.

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    I have the BMW All Around boots. Like them just fine. Waterproof,good protection, inside zippers, lighweight, very comfortable to walk in and not overly expensive. Often on sale at your local shop. Mine were on sale for $160 when I got them. Easily have paid for themselves.

    Worth a look.
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    I have had difficulty finding dedicated riding boots that didn't look like I was fresh in from Mithrandil from a drinking binge with hobbits. I stick to Danner Acadias and Vasque Sundowners. Not the best, but pretty good, and no one walks up to me and says "one ring to bind them".
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    Boulet boots. I have a pair and like them. Not waterproof, so i bought a pair of overboots.
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    A few years ago, my brother turned me on to Danner Tactical boots. Lace up and tie and then use side zipper for on and off. They are waterproof and light with great traction. I typically go for a walk around 3 miles every day to keep the blood circulating and find that they are as comfortable to walk in as an old pair of tennis shoes. Best $180 I ever spent on boots or shoes.

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    I came across the AlpineStar Ridge boots some years ago and love them. They now have changed them to Ridge Waterproof. So they work real nice, warm, dry, and so I don't need over boots or anything for any rain. I just keep riding.

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    I'm a big fan of TCX. They run a little wider than many European ones which I need.

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    I have a pair of Combat Touring boots, after doing a number on my left leg in an accident wearing BMW Gote-Tex boots I wanted high boots that were tough as dirt and excelled in protection.

    They take a *lot* of time to break in - but once that was done they are more comfortable than my Mephisto sandles (and those things are pretty damn comfortable...) If there is one word for them it would be "substantial", with resoling they will easily last a decade or more.

    They are not advertised as waterproof but with a 20-minute seasonal application of Sno-Seal they have never once leaked even standing in 3" of water and riding hours on end in downpours.

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    +1 CBT Light,

    love em
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    Over here in Holland (Europe, not Michigan) the motorcycle instructors and police like the Daytona GPX a lot. They're durable, the sole can be replaced, waterproof and a good fit. They're also nice to walk on.
    I got a pair myself and I like 'm a lot. I trust the judgement of an instructor because they're on the bike all day, come rain or shine. So they know about gear...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveAikens View Post
    I have the BMW All Around boots. Like them just fine. Waterproof,good protection, inside zippers, lighweight, very comfortable to walk in and not overly expensive. Often on sale at your local shop. Mine were on sale for $160 when I got them. Easily have paid for themselves.

    Worth a look.
    +1 on the All Around boots for all the same reasons.

    I find that Back to Black lasts for a long time, much longer than other competitive products. It may be in how it is applied. Put a good thick coat on in the fall when the bike goes into winter storage. I slather it on and don't wipe it off. In the spring there's a good coating even after the first wash of the season, and it lasts for months.

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    Do I dare admit this. Before becoming a "BMW convert" (and ever since), I have been wearing a pair of waterproof HD boots. They've been all over NA and have withstood the best that all kinds of weather can throw at them. They're extremely comfortable for walking; however, they're pretty "beat up" and I'm thinking of replacing them. Although I like them a lot, rather than sticking with the HD line, I have been looking at buying a pair of BMW All Round boots. Both are in the same price category. It was nice to hear the review on those boots earlier in this thread.

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    I've been wearing these for the last three years. Good height, easy on and off and come in a lot of widths. I have short wide feet so fit can be tough for me. They can be resoled as well.
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    I have Alpinestars Gore-Tex Boots. I like them a lot. Never have felt too hot, too cold, very comfortable. My wife just bought a pair, wore them for 3 weeks straight to break them in ( not sure they needed it) and she won't ride without them. Worth trying on.

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    Check out the BMW Pro Touring 2's - they're like a deluxe version of the BMW Allround boots - somewhat taller and somewhat more protective.
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