Asked this question in the Kbike (Flying Brick) forum and got zero response, so I'll post it here in hopes of gaining some insight, at the risk of it getting punted for cross-posting, maybe.

Been looking to replace my 88 K100- with an updated bike. I'm mostly looking at 02-03 K1200s. I see a lot of RSs for sale, and a few GTs. They LOOK similar but I know there must be some differences. Can anyone tell me the diff between the two models?

Also, I read somewhere that the front and rear wheels are "offset" (meaning, I guess, that it's not a "single track" machine), so how, if at all, does this affect the ride/handling?

I've looked at bikes as old as 1998, up to 2003-4. Is there a "best" year for the K1200? The 02-03 models seem to get snapped up quickly! People must love 'em.