my buddy john agreed to dip his toe into the pool of insanity with me and join me on a trip to escanaba for the rounders first annual round up. we took 2.5 days to get there, and a day and half to get back. we had a blast, met a ton of cool people, and drank a fair number of leinenkugels. see below for details...

the bike is loaded and ready to go. that blue dry bag is special heat treated titanium fabric, and i get three more horsepower at the wheel with that on there. (i think cliffy uses an old laundry bag on his bike.)

john showed up as his usual cheerful self. little did he know that we were going to be hitting the cycle as far as weather goes.

our route took us up I-35 from austin, through dallas. we ate in denton at the catfish king. (motto: "we sell yellow packing foam as hush puppies.")

we spent the night in ardmore, and got up the next day and rode some more to pauls valley where we had a great breakfast in the little downtown area. (john is a master of leaving the interstate area of cookie cutter junk places, and finding fantastic little restaurants where the locals hang out.) here's a shot of the street.