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    Tire size suggestions ONLY for my 1200 LT. Having trouble finding a matched set.

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    Welcome to the forum! Sorry, I'm not familiar with what you mean by "cobra". What tire sizes does the manual recommend for the KLT?

    After a bit, maybe one of the moderators can move this to the K-Bike forum for better visibility. Hang on!!
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    The quick answer is
    Front Tire: 120/70 B17 58V either the Metzeler ME880 or Bridgestone BT020
    Rear Tire: 160/70 B17 79V either the Metzeler ME880 or Bridgestone BT020 These are the most popular.
    Many LT owners (including myself) have found the best mileage wear/handling with the combination of the Metzeler front and the Bridgestone rear. Your experience may be different.

    Some owners of earlier years (2003 and earlier) have used some Avons and some other brands. I leave that to those owners to explain.

    2005 K1200LT

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