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Thread: Another Arizona Newbie

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    Another Arizona Newbie

    Another Arizona new guy. Just acquired a 1983 R100RS from my brother in Colorado. It's in pretty decent mostly original condition and runs pretty well but needs some TLC. I retired a couple years ago and got it mainly as a project (sound familiar?) but I intend to ride it too. I've owned a few Bimmers (a couple 2002's and a 1600) but this is my first Beemer. I rode bikes a lot up until the late 70's, mostly 300-350 Hondas, but haven't ridden for many years. I've put about 50 miles on the RS so far and am beginning to get the feel of it but it's a much bigger heavier bike than I'm used to.

    Anyway, I'll probably be hanging out in the Airheads sub-forum quite a bit and asking some hopefully not too dumb questions. This looks like a great bunch so I'm looking forward to it.

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    Welcome to the Forum

    Post some pics of your new ride when you can. You have the best looking bmw made in my opinion. Ask questions when you need; there are no dumb questions here. Enjoy your ride.
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    Glad that you are here! Welcome MARKAZ, please consider yourself cordially invited to the fabulous AZ Beemers Road Runner Rally being held 5/18-20 in Prescott, Arizona. Need more info, contact me at
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