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Thread: wife wants R75/5 windshield

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    wife wants windshield for 1973 LWB R75/5

    My wife wants a windshield for her 1973 LWB R75/5.

    Any recommendations are appreciated?

    Does the /5 headlight bucket make a difference?

    She's 5'9" and has "euro type" bars that are 32" wide.

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    Check out GIVI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultracyclist View Post
    Check out GIVI.
    I think that the GIVI A600 (or similar) looks great on that period bike. Easy on and off with decent protection. Has a slight curve at the btm to fit around the headlight area.And the price is right. I have a tinted model but also available in clear.

    Here are a few images on the my R69S (front)


    cockpit over the top of the speedo and /2 key insert.
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    I had a small wind shield on my LWB and never experienced any of the horror stories associated with them. It may be a different story on the SWB models.

    The old R bikes were a rock in terms of stability so I don't know if that's real comparison.

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    Short wheelbase /5s can be a problem with bar mounted windscreens. I've heard that the long wheel base models solved the problem.

    After I got my '72 R75/5 I installed a windshield. Within the next year I had had four "tank slappers", including one at interstate speed that had my BACK tire bouncing over a foot side to side - That one made the following riders clean their pants! I also had one at about 40 mph that put me off the road in a curve on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even had one on a straight road on a windy day. I tried 2 different shields and the only common factor that I could find was wind hitting the shield from the side: Lane change, side winds, change of wind direction on a sharp curve. Never dropped the bike, thank goodness.

    If it is a short wheel base /5, DON'T DO IT. The instability will come up without any warning and leave you to hang on or not.

    Just my 2 cents. I still ride my /5, but without a screen.

    Good luck with the LWB; Dave
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    I have a GIVI windscreen that I had on my 2005 Triumph Bonneville , I'm pretty sure it's the A 600 model.
    Good condition with all the pieces and parts to mount it in the original box.

    PM me if you are interested with an offer, we can make a deal to keep the wife happy.

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