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Good luck with your test rides. I took a GTL out for the first time last June just expecting to fall in love with it after all the hype but, sadly, came back to the dealer less than enamored. Kept reading the forums and decided to take it out again with a better feel this time. Well, third time was the charm and I absolutely love my silver GTL. My problem was having owned Hondas and Yamahas for 30 years and expecting the same type of bike. Once I settled in to what this bike was about and how it differed, I have grown to love it for all it offers. Sometimes love is slow in coming but worth in when you find the right one
The K1600 was the bike that took me the longest to get used to. I hated the electronic throttle and kept stalling the bike when taking off from traffic lights. I still have a hard time pushing it around and the ESA requires you to find the best setting. Trying to master all the electronic features handled by the selector wheel will drive you insane. You simply cannot make an educated decision just by taking it for a test ride once. You may hate it. After riding it for a couple of thousand miles, you will love it.