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Thread: Motorcycle parking in NY

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    Motorcycle parking in NY

    I plan on being in NY near 135 West 52nd Street 10019.

    I looking for a safe place to house my R100RT at night, I plan on helping out at a bicycle race. I found a couple places listed, one being Rising Wolf Garage.

    If you have ideas let me please let me know.
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    Motorcycle Parking in NYC

    When I used to work in Midtown I parked both my car and when the weather was good my bike at a biker friendly garage located on West 44th street between 9th & 10th Avenue. About $12 for the day. Not sure about overnight. But it's inside parking and there is an actual motorcycle designated area that you put/park your bike in yourself. Think the managers name was Max. It is also a Budget Rent a Car dealer so there is always someone there watching the cars and motorcycles.
    I think that's pretty close to where you need to be. When is your bicycle event? I'm off for a few days so could find out more when I go back to work next week.

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    Thumbs up Rising Wolf

    Not just MC friendly, but MC exclusive. Great reputation.

    Located in East Village, not exactly close to where you're staying though.
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    Nyc parking

    Give the guys a call/email. They may allow daily parking.

    NYC Parking | Central Parking > 140 W 51st St. - (212) 541-7418
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    Here are some tips from the New York Motorcycle Scooter Task Force for any and all interested:

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    If you are a member of BMWSportTouring look up Francis. He lives there and would be a good source of information.

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