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Thread: Whats the fuss about tire changes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnslow View Post
    Am I missing something? Where is the frustration factor? Tire changing used to be a 'tool throwing, ground kicking, cuss like a sailor event' !
    You're not missing anything but I am. I tried twice changing tubeless tires in the 1980s and could not seat the bead. I gave up and decided that the dealer didn't charge too much for mounting and balancing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saddleman View Post
    Can you do that without leaving a single scratch on the rim ?.
    No, but I can't change a tyre to save my life
    The way our guy did it on the road to Dakar was a bit harsh on the rims I guess, but that was no problem then. With a little care you can do the same thing on your precious alloys without scratches.'s the technique that matters, not the gear. With simple means you can do the same thing. It's the same thing with all hobbies: some people think that when they use fancy and expensive gear, it'll all work out. But it turns out that most of the time, the same thing can be archieved by other means for a lot less money and not necessarily with less quality or more effort.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Philippens View Post
    I'm no expert, but I've seen some people doing a tyre change roadside without all the fancy equipment and it looked like a simple job. Let me paint a picture for you:
    Morrocan desert, 40 degrees Celsius and you've had about 3 flats already... The bike is a Yamaha Tenere and the tyres are Michelin Desert, and those are tough tyres. Even without inflated tube hard to deform by hand.
    So, like I said, the guy had some experience and it was (not literally with 40 degrees) no sweat. Within 20 minutes the tube was changed. The only 'tools' we had were some DIY tyre lifters we made at home. Extra long ones.

    I guess it's a job you need some experience in like the topic starter. If you know how to do it, you don't need fancy stuff.
    that's why I manually changed several sets of tires. didn't want to find out how to or how not to ... on side of road.

    our local dealers only charge $15-20 to mount and balance if you bring wheels in. add $100 if they dismount wheels from bike.

    recently a complete change kit came up on ADV flea market that happened to be local.

    it's a lowly harbor freight tire changer with motorcycle attachment. but it's got the nylon inserts to prevent scratches. best of all came with No-Mar nylon tipped change bar, No-Mar balancer and instruction DVD.

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