I've changed countless dirt bike tires in my days, and hated it every time I did it. It was usually done in the pit area, in a hurry, and the wheel full of mud and dirt.

So today when I decided to give a try at my K100 tires, I was ready to be pissed off.

Cripes, what a joy to work on. The beads were a little tough to break free, but after that, the tire spooned right off with ease! No gobs of goo inside the tire, no nasty tube to pull out, my hands didnt even get dirty.

A few well placed swipes of tire mounting goop on the bead of the new tires, a good cleaning of the rim bead with scotch brite, and the new tires practically fell into place! No rim lock to mess with, no valve stem to feed through the rim, and no tube to pinch or poke holes in!

I did both wheels, (remove from bike and replace) in less that 90 minutes! No wheel stand, just laying on the garage floor.

Am I missing something? Where is the frustration factor? Tire changing used to be a 'tool throwing, ground kicking, cuss like a sailor event' !