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Thread: No dealers in Kansas?

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    If you rode a Airhead

    You wouldn't need no stinkin dealership..

    Except for parts.
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    Like'em both having ridden across there dozens of times. I try hard to avoid the Interstates, finding them boring. I broke down in Kansas once, about 1985, having to rebuild my carb on my Airhead. I carried the needed supplies, got r done. Did that job in a rest area along US50, Eastern Kansas not near a town. Airheads, maybe older now but certainly easier to fix in many ways. I still have that bike, my R100/7. Randy PS; They do have many m/c dealers in those states, just brand X everything. Thats alright, most are friendly and even have some parts you may need, general m/c stuff

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    It doesn't matter!

    Quote Originally Posted by jaherbst View Post
    Checking the BMW dealers on the MOA web this morning and see there are no listed dealers in the state of Kansas.

    I am riding from Paonia Colorado (Top of The Rockies Rally) to Sedalia and have to travel all the way across Kansas without a dealer? Can I go that far without something going wrong on my BMW?

    How many other states have no BMW dealers?

    When you arrive in Sedalia with or without your bike, you probably won't have a motel room anyway. You'll be sing'in The Super Eight Blues! How many towns have their Super 8 Motel vanish?
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