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Thread: 2up on the GT

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    2up on the GT

    Anyone done much 2up riding on the GT? Particularly previous 2up R12RT riders. Just wondering how it is for the passenger compared with the RT.

    Bill Montgomery

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    We just got a GT and use it mainly for 2-up. Like our 99RT before that (which we kept) The RT had a topcase with an integral backrest. This was the first thing my wife requested. I got a Bakup backrest for a R1200RT, which fits the GT (same luggage rack). This way we don't have to mount the topcase for day rides. This made a world of difference for the passenger. The bike feels lighter in turns than the RT and because of the power, you hardly feel the load. It is a little like comparing apples and ornages, though, because my 11RT did not have ESA.

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