If you guys are gonna ride 666, I'll go. Hell, maybe I'll drag that weenie Patch along with me. A 2 day trip is pretty doable.
Well now, knowing mi Bueno Amigo Patch wants to come ride 666 I'm organizing the Ride! We're doing a 2-day 666 ride over Monday April 23 and Tuesday April 24! We Phoenicians will depart the Valley of the Blast Furnace from the Goldfield Road Chevron service station in Apache Junction, AZ at 1000 hours on 4/23.

We will tag up with tus Nuevo Mexicanos at 1300 hours at the three-way intersection of AZ Highways 191, 75 and 78. Ride North to Alpine and spend the night, with our Dinner at the ever delicious Bear Wallow Cafe. Next day ride 666 Southbound and part company at the 3-way. Mis Hombres, this is the plan! http://www.alpinearizona.com/directo...rtsmans-lodge/

If you Zonie Locos need any additional information on the 666 Ride, contact tu Papa Chuy Viejo at either beemerdons@aol.com or Cell #: 480-440-4666.

For you Los Nuevo Mexicanos, coordinate your Albuquerque departure time and location with AJ; send a Private Message to HotRodZilla www.fjrforum.com