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Thread: An Up-lifting Question

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    An Up-lifting Question

    I just took delivery of my GT last Saturday and have a question regarding changing front tires. I had a 1300 GT and have a 1200S that I use Pit Bull stands to lift the bikes for tire changes.

    Now BMW has changed the configuration on the rear wheel and I have not been able to get any answers from local dealership (other than just bring in the bike when you need tires and we will fix you right up).

    Does anyone have any answers about how or what kind of stand I will need to lift my K16 for tire changes?

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    On the rear, no need for a stand -- the rear is off the ground when the centerstand is deployed.

    On the front, the Pit Bull should still work -- the Duolever "wheel carrier" (forks) is for these purposes virtually identical to the wedge K12/K13 Duolevers.

    Personally, for the front I use the centerstand and a small jack and chunk of wood under the engine/head pipes to hold the front wheel off the ground.
    Mark Neblett
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