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I think the pinlock is only a partial answer - mine doesn't work particularly well. The only way I found to keep it fog free enough to actually see out of, was (1) go fast, not always possible, especially interesting in rain when you can't see where you're going fast or (2) crack the faceshield open and just put up with the rain dripping down the inside and on my nose and chin. Problem is - it doesn't like to stay cracked open as much as was needed to keep the shield clear.

Not a fan of pinlock (aside from it working not so well - it adds a second layer of glare off the plastic surfaces.)
I usually agree with Don's theories, ideas, and suggestions, but we differ here. Maybe Don is riding in more humid air than I am? Maybe Don is riding in cooler air than I am? Regardless of the reason, I ride 15,000 miles a year in Seattle, and I wouldn't do it without the Pinlock on my C3 visor.

Of course, like most gear (and exactly like Gore-Tex), it doesn't work if it isn't perfectly clean. Tiny specks of dust and spots and runs from dried precipitation attracts fog to the lens. Keep that Pinlock clean and it won't fog up. I use Plexus, and I've had excellent results over the past seven years (five with a Shoei Multitec with a Pinlock insert and two with my C3 with a Pinlock insert).

My visor is almost always open a tiny crack to let air in - not to prevent fogging, but because I simply like having fresh air stream through the helmet. With the visor cracked only a tiny amount, I don't experience water leaking inside and dripping on my face.

Of course, what you ride has a huge impact on how the helmet functions. When I'm on my RTP with the largest windscreen Aeroflow makes, I stay much drier/warmer than I am on the GSA with the stock screen.

As I said earlier in this thread, I'll investigate the Shoei Neotec when it's time to replace my C3, but there's a pretty good chance I'll buy another C3 (or whatever supersedes the C3) when the time comes to replace my helmet.