I'm new to BMW bikes and to this forum. My husband owns a K1600 GTL and we purchased 2 Schuberth C3 helmets with communication systems. I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem that we are with this helmet. After about an hour of riding, the seam in the memory foam(?) begins to irritate the top of my forehead, actually causing quite a bit of discomfort. The helmet leaves a huge mark on my husband's head. We just want to rip the helmets off because they are so painful! Our local dealer has told us that she has talked to the company and that the memory foam has not adjusted to our heads. She suggested that we put a 5-10 lb. weight inside the helmet for a few hours to press it in. We are doing that and haven't ridden yet to know if it has worked. Just wondering about others' experiences with this expensive helmet.
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Michael and Kristy P.