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Thread: Riding Jacket question

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    Riding Jacket question

    I know there have been plenty of talk about different riding jackets and sorry to start a new thread on riding jackets.

    I am in search of a new riding jacket and looking for not only to be able to wear in the summer but a warm jacket for riding in the winter season.

    I have a Women Olympia riding jacket that have served me well in the past that no longer fits me... I am searching for a riding jacket that may possibly be better warmer than the Olympia riding jacket. The Olympia liner seamed to be a very good liner.

    While looking around for a new riding jacket, I have been having my eye on the First Gear Kilimanjaro Women's jacket. The review I have read about this jacket seems to be good reviews.... the liner looks like it is a good liner.. the jacket overall seems to be good to where it would be warm for winter riding season. I have not seen this jacket in person to be able to try it on as well as be able to tell if it could possibly be a warmer jacket than the Olympia Jacket...

    I decided to send RevZilla an email asking for advice and they suggested the Dainese Women's Tenporale D-Dry Jacket or the Joe Rocket Women's Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket would suit me the best in which I am looking for.

    I also am looking to be able to layer with the jacket as I know I will need to have layers even though the jacket may have a liner.

    A waterproof jacket would also be nice to where I wouldn't have to worry about getting wet in a little rain to where I won't have to stop to put on a rain suit.

    Does anyone have any experiences with these jackets to where one jacket would be warmer during the winter over another one that has a good liner to help stay warm? I have little poundage around the stomach area to where I am looking for a jacket that will fit better in this aspect especially for layering if necessary.

    Any advice, experiences, and/or opinions would greatly be appreciated it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a BMW jacket and pants, which are just excellent in the winter and spring and fall. But way, way too hot in summer and it doesn't even get that hot here British Columbia.

    I purchased a Kevlar jacket for Motoport,, Last summer, and rode about 3000 miles. This jacket performed very well when It was hot, and the jacket with the thermal waterproof liner installed performed very well rate down to 40??F. I have not really used it in any colder weather.

    The jacket is made-to-measure, my only suggestion is, that you add an inch or so to what ever your circumference measurements are, chest, belly, arm, etc.

    Or better yet, make the trip to Southern California have them measure you there and ensure that the jacket fits, you may be able to get one off-the-shelf.

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    Since you asked for might consider an electric liner such as Gerbings. It's hard to get one jacket for Texas heat and then have the same perform well in the cold. In Louisiana I find the Gerbings allows me to ride in much cooler temps without all the bulk and extra layering. Yet, I don't need a really heavy winter type jacket for the 8 months of wamer weather. I'm overall more comfortable, adjust to any temp I want and I don't have to pack as much for all the layers I may or may not need. No need to stop and add layers or peel them off, I just adjust the temp controller. I would guess with an electric liner, an Olympia would be just fine for most weather, if the style fits you well.

    Good luck.

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    +1 on the Motoport and the electric liner.

    I have a couple of jackets besides the Motoport. The Airmesh II Kevlar is comfortable to above 100 and the humidity of south Louisiana if you get the lighter colors, like Hi-Vis. The black is ok but gets a bit warm if you stop moving. For liners on all the jackets, I simply use the wind/rain liner and if it is really cold, the electric liner (Warm-N-Safe for me) makes it good to down around 30. Below that I add the rain suit over the whole thing to add dead airspace to the stack, without added bulk inside the jacket which drives me bonkers quickly. I do not like the Michelin Man feel of all the thick thermal stuff inside the jackets.

    My lightweight jacket is the Olympia in Hi-Vis yellow and orange, and my wife has a Olympia woman's jacket in bright yellow that she loves.

    Given all factors, once you use a Motoport jacket or pants, everything else makes you feel like you are riding naked. Having crash-tested a suit, I can absolutely say their armor and kevlar works quite well.

    One thing I would discourage is the purchase of any jackets made of "ballistic polyester" used in a lot of cheap jackets. The stuff melts in a slide and burns into anything it is in contact with. Skin is not the place for melted polyester fibers.
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