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Half way through the group, the leader sticks out his left hand signaling a left turn.
You are damn lucky he/she even signaled.

I almost cut a bicyclist in half on a quiet narrow country road. There was no driveway or road for him to turn into, therefore no warning that he might even turn. The inbred just decided to do a snap U turn without looking.

Lucky for him I didn't have ABS or I would have cut him in half...there was no spare foot or split second. After stopping, I turned around and gave him a lecture you could have heard in the next county. I could see the faint solid and long black line my front tire left towards the shoulder as I drove behind him to avoid him...talk about braking at the limit. The back wheel was up about a foot before easing off the brake to steer.

At home, I rubbed off the mark his back tire left on my left engine protection bar. Yes, that is how close it was.