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    Share the road?

    This morning, we were out for a breakfast ride through back roads frequented by bicyclists. As we approached a T-intersection, a group of 12 blew the stop sign and continued down the road in front of us. Hubby was able to pass the group before the twisties. I was not. As I poked along at a respectable distance behind them, I finally got to a straight away where I could pass. Half way through the group, the leader sticks out his left hand signaling a left turn. The rest of the pack cut the corner and I was forced onto the left shoulder to avoid hitting someone all the while getting screamed at.

    Of the 12, only one signalled a turn and the rest immediately moved over into the opposing lane. What happened to share the road??? I've got nothing against the bicyclists sharing our public back roads but at least drop the pack mentality and abide by traffic laws. This could have ended much worse for all of us.
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