Welcome to all attending this years rally. Last year, in cooperation with all involved, we at the Mod Team put together a thread that would bring about all the necessary aspects on the commercial side of The Rally into the Forum. With the great feedback and cooperation, we are doing it this year.

Welcome to the official Vendor thread for our 2012 rally. As we all know it is against forum posting rules to place ads in the forum other than in member opportunities. As the rally is a special occasion, the moderator team and the rally management/chairs have got together for a special Vendor thread in the rally section of the forum. First-you must be a Vendor at the 2012 Rally to post in this thread! Posts in this thread are to follow the same Posting Guidelines as the member opportunities section. Any vendor with questions can contact a member of the MOD Team if they have a question on Posting Guidelines
Thanks and have a great rally.