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Thread: How much play in normal in the rear wheel? R1150rt

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    Question How much play in normal in the rear wheel? R1150rt

    I've just finished my clutch job on my R1150RT, and after taking a small ride to confirm everything ok, when I put the bike on the center stand, I rotated the rear wheel by hand in Neutral and found that there is some play before it makes contact with the shaft (?).

    Kinda hard to explain but let say I spin the wheel one way in takes like 2 inch of rotation before I feel the shaft moving, and again when I rotate the other way.

    Now maybe this is perfectly normal, but since i've just did this clutch job (which is worse looking than it seems) I just want to make sure there's not a problem with the inside of my rear drive.

    Thanks to anyone with confirmation that this is ok or not!


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    In neutral?

    In gear, my wheel rotates back and forth about an inch at the outer wheel ID as it takes up the slack in all the parts between the FD and clutch.
    I believe that is normal.

    In neutral it moves freely.
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    Oooppss! I meant in gear not neutral.

    Thanks for the information, I think i'm looking for problems to have another repair to spend my time, with beer of course!



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    The amount of play is contrbiuted to by play in the final drive, any play in the shaft splines, backlash in the transmission and play in the clutch spline. Wheel rotation will vary a little bit depending on what gear is selected but overall 1.5 inches to even 2 is about what I would expect.
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    Thank you, that's about the amount of play I have. Always good to know what is normal and what isn't!

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