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Thread: Advice for first BMW Rally

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    Advice for first BMW Rally

    I have been trying to find any articles written about the Rally being held in Gettysburg in April,past or present. I am riding from Stamford, Ct. and staying at the Eiisenhower Hotel. I am riding alone and being this is my first BMW rally I am not sure what to expect. I have been studying the maps and the recommedations of what roads to take that sound exsiting along with beautiful scenery.
    Since I have no riding mates for the ride there, are there some planned rides with riders with local knowledge or are you on your own to pick out the routes you want to take? I am signed up for the Friday ride through the park, but that leaves Saturday and Sunday to explore Pa.
    Just like to know from the veteran members who have been to these events their thoughts and advice for a newbie.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Hey RIP

    I'm not familiar with the Gettysburg rally, but in general the BMW rallies are well run, well fed, and put on by lots of good people. Generally, there are route sheets or someone from the local club who will give you guidance as to where to ride. After spending the day riding, usually people eat and hang out, then at night people tend to party, and have a good time.

    I have been attending rallies for almost 20 years, and often know a lot of people, so for me, rallies are more like a party with lots of good friends... even if i haven't met them before.

    I'm sure that you will have a great time.

    btw: my personal preference is to camp at the rallies, but some folks prefer to hotel/motel.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    I think that the OP is talking about the Gettysburg Weekend Getaway.
    That is not the same as a rally and on the home page it says it is sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widebmw View Post
    I think that the OP is talking about the Gettysburg Weekend Getaway.
    That is not the same as a rally and on the home page it says it is sold out.

    I think they are all considered "rallies" they are just ran differently. Most rallies have food, rides, prizes and a good time. The bigger rallies have vendors but I think that's about it? I THINK.

    Gettysburg is in a good location - there are a lot of nice roads in the Thurmont MD area which isn't too far and the riding tour will be worth it too. They have a really nice visitors center as well. I think it's pretty new and it has a nice little snack shop and picnic area. If the weather holds out, it should be a really nice weekend for everyone that goes.

    Good luck, and have fun!
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    Look at the thread just below yours. Some useful info there.

    There should be some guided and self guided tours avaliable. Look for the information table at registration.

    This is not a typical "bmw rally" as its based at a motel/hotel in town.

    Just go and have fun. You'll meet like minded riders and have a great time.

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    Try the Square Route Rally

    If you cannot find enough information about Gettysburg, why don't you try the Square Route Rally, sponsored by BMWBMW, near Thurmont,MD? That's a great rally and it is an excellent example of BMW rallies. Good folks, great rides, and a lot of fun. Check out the website:
    Onward, through the fog!

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