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Thread: Need a Campsite on Rt 17 by New York City.

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    Need a Campsite on Rt 17 by New York City.

    Has anyone stayed at a good bike campground near Rt 17 beside and across the river from New York City? That is about half of my journey and I need a good place to camp. Thanks Nic

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    Hey Nik

    If you give me some more information, i might be able to help you better. Where are you coming from, going to, etc. There really aren't any campgrounds that close to NYC... and none that i know if off RT #17 in NJ. But a bit further north, i can help you.

    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    Moving to NE Regional forum and sending a PM to you Novice. look up in the grey welcome bar
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    There is a camp ground off of 17 iN Harriman state park, but I forget the name and the exact location. I'll hop on the bike in the morning and go get all the info for you.

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    Need a Campsite on Rt 17 by New York City

    There are many camps and campsites in Harrimon State Park right off Route 17.
    Try the one right on Lake Sebago as one of the Seven Lakes... as in "7 Lakes Drive", a must motorcycle ride if you are in that area. Try Baker Camp at:

    While you're in that area take 7 Lakes Drive up to Perkins Drive for a fantastic high altitude view of the Upper Hudson. And then to Bear Mountain Drive/Bear Mountain. You won't regret it.

    mike wex

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