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Thread: Engine Seals, Transmission seals ?

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    Question Engine Seals, Transmission seals ?

    I'm getting ready to replace my clutch (99RT w/110K on it) and I've never had the tranny off or anything so I'm gonna lube the splines and think I should replace some seals while I'm in there. Looking at the fiche I see a crankshaft seal size 65x83x7, (part # 11111341135) is this the correct rear main seal?

    It also sounds like folks are replacing the O-ring cover for the oil pump. I haven't even looked at that but will now.

    How about any seals on the transmission? The bike does NOT leak at all but I don't want to be ripping out the transmission again to do a seal that could have been done while I have it all apart.

    I figure I might as well replace the sight glass too, so that is on order as well.

    Only other things I will probably order are new clutch cable and any other cable that may be frayed.

    Thanks for your help,
    Brian - Everett, WA
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    My '97 R1100R had a weeping input shaft seal at 76K miles. I removed the transmission and took it to the dealer (San Diego, CA). For about $120 in parts and labor, the shop replaced all the seals in the transmission, while I sat in the lounge and consumed more than I should have in coffee and donuts. I also bought rear engine seals and clutch parts to do myself.

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