I posted this question earler under loma linda, but was told I d get better resutls listing as San Bernardino

Its a very slight wasy a BMW question as some day Ill ride down there

but the true question is, was wondering if anybody kn that area knew which was the good or bad areas to avoid for a young couple moving into that area.
My son and his family ( young) are moving down to Loma LInda for him to go to Med School. His budget is tight and needs to find a place to live for he and his family. But none of us have ever been down to that area, dont know anyone who is living in that area and so we were looking for advice ?
he cant afford to fly adn look, from the east coast, he needs to try to do it all online adn show up june 1st with a loaded U-haul


anyone in the area want to tell me about the good and bad parts of that area, you can pm me if youi want to keep it to just us.