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Thread: Brake pads 2005 R1200GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPMARTY View Post
    $158.00 for a set of pads??? What do they do, self install? That's a whole bunch more than what I paid for the EBC "HH" pads and they work great.

    Motorcycle superstore has the EBC HH pads for R1200s for $35.99 a set, front or rear and they're in stock.
    Marty - if I'm not mistaken, that $35.99/set is PER caliper. For 3 calipers that's $107.97 + shipping. A $30-40 premium for Brembo pads (which appear to be far superior to what comes on the bike from BMW) doesn't seem excessive to me.
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    Yeah, I wasn't clear on that in my post. The $158 was for a complete set of pads for the bike, one set for the rear and two sets for the front brakes. Only my rear pads needed replacement right now, but my front pads are getting close so I just ordered them all at once to simplify things and save on shipping.
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    Just as another data point, I recently bought a set of rear Brembo pads from

    $43.00 USD including "free worldwide" shipping and VISA foreign currency exchange charge.

    I have mixed feelings on the experience. Ordered online 4/20. The pads did not show up in the promised 12-17 days. I made allowances for distance from Italy. After 35 days (5/24), I sent a "Whats up?" email. Their response the next day said the pads were shipped the same day I queried the order. No explanation for the delay in shipping. I was out of town the next three weeks but the pads did arrive during that time. The package indicated 12.5euros postage, or about 15.50USD. I'll probably try them again when I need pads, but I will not wait so long if they do not arrive on time.

    The pads are not yet installed - my originals are not completely done, but I wanted to have replacements on hand. I picked the Brembo pad partially on the strength of that above referenced magazine article and partially because I felt Brembo would make the best pad for a Brembo brake. Besides, these pads are RED, and everybody knows red means STOP!

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    I have an '05 R1200GS with 8,000 miles and was told by the tech who inspected it (annual Pa inspection) that pads would be in my future along with a new rear tire. I'm okay with the tire swap - is this normal for the rear brake?

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    EBC HH rear pads for 07 R12 GS

    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    Brake pad distances are going to be totally rider and roads dependent. If you like to play and generally ride twisties fast (or double) you'll chew up pads a lot faster than guy doing straight line commutes at lower speeds.
    With that caveat here is some info from my 08 RT
    1) Stock rear ( a lousy pad, no feel,no bite) low 20K miles
    2) EBC HH rear pad 7-10K miles shorter life caused by the fact that it actually works half way decent so get used a lot more
    3) Stock front pad low 30s K miles. Pads are OK but a bit low on inital bite
    4) Front EBC HH - Don't know haven't worn out yet. Have more bite that stock but decent linear feel. A cheaper and worthwhile improvement over stock IMO. Dealer sells and recommends them.

    By and large, the factory setup seems to be built around the premise that riders are unskilled fools who need to be protected from themselves so utility is compromised in stock trim in the name of perceived safety. I prefer the brakes on a K1200RS I ride to those on the R1200RT by a big margin.

    Inside pads wear fastest by design, front and rear- so don't just look at the outside or you might end up with a scored rotor.

    I am not one to worry too much about rotor life- as long as its decent that's good enough- don't expect them to last forever. Main thing about brakes to me is effectiveness and feel so one can trail brake and brake aggressively with confidence. I'd be interested in trying the Brembos if I ever come across a set....

    I've had no serious issues with BMW stock rotors on mine probably because I keep them clean and use them hard enough and my wheels didn't come with any machining problems.

    The EBC bike pads seem pretty good but I've had nothing but bad experiences with a whole range of EBC car pads when students brought cars to the track that had them. Ended up changing a few sets to Hawks carried at the trackside store to keep students running. For my money, only Performance Friction makes first class pads for car racing but they need to be used on cars fully set for the track as they can spike extremely high rotor surface temps and therefore demand excellent brake cooling setups.

    I have a 2007 R 1200 GS and need rear pads. Went to EBC website for a part number, FA 363 HH, then to Amazon to purchase so my purchase donates to Motorrad Angels. On amazon there is a block to check if the ordered parts fit your machine. I put in my model and the block came back “does not fit your machine”. Does anyone have a correct part number for the EBC HH pads, front and rear for 05-07 R 1200 GS?
    Sure would appreciate some help!!

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