Hello all, I'm Dadrider, I live across the river from New Orleans. I picked up a 96 R 1100RT for my wife and I to take local day rides on. It has around 43k miles on it.

Started out with mini bikes and trailbikes from 9yr old until I was 17. I didn't ride or own a bike for 27 yrs, when I took a basic MSF course and shortly thereafter a Yzf600r. I have commuted a couple of times, done a couple of trackdays, 1 cross country to Deals Gap with it. It has served me well.

It doesn't ride 2 up well with my wife. We slide around mainly forward a bit under braking. We both aren't happy with the experience.

After coming to a crossroads, we want to try and ride together on something more suited to our age, and riding style.

Enter the R1100RT. I found ours, after consulting with a good riding friend who owns 2 BMW's but recommended about 6 different touring bikes. The R bikes were on the list and I found 1 after 30 minutes of looking. I found the 1 we now own after 3 more weeks of looking, and picked it up 2 weeks later.

I was apprehensive at first with the size and weight, but this bike is the most stable bike I have ever been on.

I have picked up the backrest/ storage case to go with the 2 hard factory cases that the bike came with.

I am getting ready to do a 42k maintenance on it. I picked up the 12/24 maintenance kit from BB, an alternator belt, feeler guages, the companion maintenance CD to augment the Haynes manual that came with the bike. Going to change all the fluid's, belt, check the valves and sync the TB's. I am also going to probably change the brake hoses out due to age, more than any other reason. I found a Galpher kit with 5 hoses and joint rings.

I have 3 other bikes. a YZF600r Thunderkitty, a SV650 trackday bike and a TTR 125 trailbike, now with USD forks, carb and exhaust mods.

I have worked as a mechanic for 24 years in the heavy / industial diesel engine industry, and the last 11 in Telecom as a RF tech.

Long introduction.

I have been reading thru this and some other forum, I look here almost every day, and finally joined.

Thanks for the help so far, even though you folk don't know you were helping me.