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Thread: New owner Plainview, NY

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    New owner Plainview, NY

    Hello everyone,
    my name is Ed Rodriguez. I just got back into BMW's after about 10 years. Previously my bike was a 1996 r1100rs. Getting used to carbs again. Some how their simplicity is what attracted me to them. My new bike is a new to me 1986 BMW r65. I purchased it without knowing if the bike would start. The bike had been sitting since 1993. The prior owner said it was garaged. But the bike has alot of rust and pitting. It needs some restoration. I changed the oil and spark plugs did manage to start the bike. I rode it home 25 miles. Not bad at all.

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    Welcome, "e-rod"'s your salaray stack up against that other Texan, "a-rod"??

    I hope we've given you reasonable advice in the Airheads would be good to get the bike up to running status.
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    Welcome, erod! Here's wishing you many more miles on your new bike!

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    Welcome to the forum from another New Yawker.
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