Dear Vintage nuts:

April 20th through the 23rd will be our annual open house/rally/swap meet here at Bench Mark Works in Sturgis, Mississippi. You are welcome to camp in the yard around the building. Showers in the building. We have around 160 show up every year from all 4 corners of the USA and some folks, some times, from outside the USA.

Here is a reprint of the info:

All vintage BMW motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to gather at Craig and Elaine Vechorik‘«÷s Bench Mark Works LLC motorcycle museum, campground and vintage parts store for a weekend of vintage BMW motorcycle-related activities. Craig (‘«£Vech‘«ō) will present technical seminars, sharing some of the mechanical knowledge he has gained in 33 years of repairing and restoring vintage BMWs.

A $25 rally fee covers Friday, Saturday, Sunday breakfast and Friday dinner. There is a dinner ride to the next town on Saturday.

Way cool to have 100+ pre 70 BMW's on the road at the same time!

SWAP MEET! As in past years, we host a FREE swap meet during the Open House. You can bring your old spare parts to sell. NO vender fees. Lots of fun - browsing the used parts, kicking tires and showing off! Awards will be given to eleven motorcycle owners based on vintage motorcycle criteria. If it rains, there is plenty of room inside to enjoy your weekend. Children and pets are welcome at the event.

10% DISCOUNT off all parts purchased from Bench Mark Works LLC during the rally. RV space is only available at city park, about one mile from Bench Mark Works LLC. For RV space rentals at City Park, call Sturgis Town Hall at 662-465-7970

Please contact Elaine Vechorik prior to the Open House
so she can plan to have plenty of food on hand:
You can wait to pay when you arrive.
3400 Earles Fork Road, Sturgis MS 39769
Telephone: (662) 465-6444