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Thread: Convex mirror

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    Convex mirror

    Looking to improve rear view and saw these. Has anybody tried them? If so how do they attach?

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    I ran a very much similar mirror on my K100RT. Worked very, make that, extremely well. The brand I used was Hercules. I wouldn't be surprised to find that both mirrors are produced at the same maufacturer. The curved housing has a screw in the back that allows the mirror to be removed from the curved housing. A three sided u- shaped metal bar is inside. This bar slides on over the stock rear view mirror and is clamped down by 2 supplied screws in the bar. You can use some clear mylar or tape to keep the metal off the paint of the stock mirror. Pretty simple procedure. I applied the mirrors to both stock mirrors. I had the full vision the stock mirrors supplied and the add on mirrors covered my blind spots. I also believed what I was seeing. 2 thumbs up. I would guess it to be a 1 hour job to attach.

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