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Thread: R1200RT or GL1800???

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    I was in the same boat about 3 months ago. I bought a 05 Goldwing last Feburary. The Honda dealer is town and the closes BMW dealer is about the same as you, hours away. The only difference is I know BMW mechanic in town if needed.

    The reason I switch or sold my Wing to RT is I missed the feel and confort of the RT. I have said this hundred times in person or on fourms is I believe the RT to best all around motorcycle for me and my riding style. Like some said it is your money and your decision needs to make you happy.
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    Closest Gold Wing Mechanic?

    You said your nearest Honda dealer is 37 miles away but do they have a Gold Wing mechanic? I had a GL1500 from 1989 to this year and had a terrible time finding a dealer who would work on my bike. They love to sell Wings but hate fixing them. In the last ten years, they refused to fix my bike because it was too old. I could do most of the things myself but the carbs finally stumped me.

    If your closest Honda dealer is Neihaus or one of the few that support Gold Wings, then buy the GL1800. But if you would have to travel hours to find a mechanic that got certified on the GL series, then you are in the same boat as the BMW riders.

    Ask your Honda dealer if they have a GL certified mechanic. If they don't, they will claim there is no GL certification.

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    Dealer distance is no excuse with a dealer like MAX BMW. I live in Toms River, NJ and I purchased a bike from MAX in Brookfield, CT. I did a trade of my 2008 Triumph Rocket III Touring and purchased a 2011 R1200RT,with only 325 miles, over the phone with pictures online. They delivered my RT and picked up the Rocket. They also came back and picked up my RT for it's first service. MAX has a dealership in Troy, NY. Call them if you really want an RT.
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    My old man rode wings as long as I can remember. Mostly across Canada. Very reliable. Now he is 60 and rids a RT....I never have driven wing but they look
    heavy....I did however drive Dad's RT through BC one summer and went out and bought a GS....after owning just about all makes of bikes out there...I am sold one the Bmers.

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    I just completed a 19-day, 7,000 mile trip across the US and through parts of Mexico on my RT, along with my buddy on his Gold Wing. One thing that stood out was that throughout the entire trip the BMW got around 20% better fuel mileage. On some of the slower sections, it seemed to be as high as 25% better.

    So there's one more data point to add to the pile.
    - Joe ('11 DR650 & '11 R1200RT)

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