I'm having an issue with my F800st. When the bike runs for about 50-80 miles, it runs fine. However, later on it seems to be "starving" for fuel and the engine rpms run erratic to the point where I need to give it gas to get moving in first gear and it sounds like its trying to cut out at highway speeds. The bike has 19,xxx miles on it and I instaled a K&N Air filter this year and had a Scorpion carbon fiber exhaust put on the middle of last year and it ran fine. Also the ABS light stays on and the yellow triangle for tire pressure comes on but the tire pressure is fine ( I check before each ride). Does anyone seem to know whats going on? I'm taking the bike to a BMW Dealer on April 9th and I'd like to know what to expect/what they are going to tell me is wrong and the cost. Thanks everyone.