I want a set of AltRider Crash Bars for my new 2012 BMW R 1200 GS Triple Black. I went to their site and found the following review on their Web page.

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"I have a 2012 GS that needs crash bars. The AltRider bars looked to be the best choice and came highly recommended by my local BMW dealer. The problem is they don't fit! I contacted AltRider before buying these crash bars asking if they will fit the 2012model. The answer I got was "we have not been informed of any changes..." Another words; let the buyer find out for himself. After the dealer assured me they will fit I made the purchase only to find out the right side does not fit into the hole it is designed for. I had my son, a mechanical engineer, look at it and he determined the tolerances are too close and did not allow for paint and other variations. After an hour of hand filing and fitting I finally got them on. They look great and seem to be strong and purpose built however this lack of attention to detail is concerning!"

So I sent AltRider email asking for written confirmation that their bars will fit the 2012. Two weeks later; zero response.

So I called them. For the life of me I could not get the person I spoke to to say the words "Yes, they will fit the 2012". I couldn't get her to answer me when I asked if they'd actually installed a set on a 2012 yet. 15 minute conversation and nothing but beating around the bush alluding to this and that but they refuse to state yes they will or no they won't fit the 2012 but seem perfectly willing to sell me a set despite knowing if they fit my machine or not.

Have any of you other 2012 owners purchased these and found them to fit or not? I'm going to order a set and will report here my success/fail to mount them but would like to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience with AltRider?