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    Cool GS Ride

    I have been checking out the main Rally page waiting to find out what day the GS ride may be but with no luck. The reason I would like to know as soon as possible is because I want to go whitewater rafting on Thursday, but my husband wants to make sure he doesn't miss the GS ride. Can you enlighten me on the dates yet?

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    GS Ride

    Karen, glad you asked that question, that was the exact question I was going to write in this morning. Maybe we will see you there.

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    GS Events

    Michael already addressed this in another thread ("Direct From the Horse's Mouth", page 2, comment #2). I am cutting and pasting his note about it here:

    There will be organized GS rides on the Hatfield McCoy trail system (check out for more information about the trail system) led by state authorized guides who will be putting together package deals for our attendees.

    We tried to find a local GS rider who would be willing to lay out some dirt road rides, but nobody stepped forward to take on the job. There is no lack of interesting dirt roads in WV, but without local knowledge and/or a good map it is easy to get lost.

    The state of WV has set up this fantastic trail system exclusively for off road riding. Not being able to find anybody willing to take on the GS ride Committee Chairmanship, we have decided to arrange with a couple of outfitters to provide what should be a unique opportunity.

    We are also making the same sort of package arrangement for whitewater rafting opportunities.

    Rally Co-Chair

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    GS Riding Opportunities

    Here are the details about the off road riding opportunities the Almost Heaven Rally will offer on the Hatfield McCoy system. I think you'll like them.

    Off Road Riding Opportunities in Charleston

    In addition to the thousands of miles of fantastic public motorcycle riding roads in West Virginia, the State of West Virginia maintains a network of over 500 miles of off road trails known as the Hatfield McCoy Trails ( These trails are only open to atvs,
    motorcycles, mountain bikes, horses and hikers. No four wheelers!

    Difficulties range from fun to exciting to extreme. The network of trails are located in the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia, located on private and state land. Plan exist to expand the system to over 2,000 miles of trails in the future. The State of WV has established a network of licensed trail outfitters and guides to help
    people better and more fully enjoy the riding experience.

    The Almost Heaven Rally has established a link with one of these outfitters, Mountain Riders, LLC ( of Chapmanville, WV, 304-855-4456, to offer our attendees an opportunity to
    enjoy a unique off road riding experience. Mountain Riders will be located in the Hospitality, Tourism and Local Information area at the Civic Center, or you may contact them directly to sign up for one of their offerings. If you are putting together a group of people interested in off road riding, I would highly suggest pre registering with Mountain Riders due to the limited size of the groups.

    Their package will include the following:

    * 8 riders per guide (adjustable)
    * 2 trailheads -- Little Coal River Trail* and Bear Wallow Trail*
    * 4 trips each day (July 10, 11, 12, and 13) at each trailhead; two groups starting at 11:00 A. M. and two at 11:30 A. M. from each trailhead (The guides will take different directions on the trails.)
    * length of each ride is about 3 hours
    * riders must wear helmets and eye protection
    * hotdogs, chips, and drinks after the rides
    * cost is $30 per rider -- this includes the Hatfield-McCoy trail permit fee ($15)

    Directions to trailheads:

    Little Coal River Trail -- Driving south from Charleston on Rt. 119 (Corridor G), take the Waterways exit that is just north of the water park. Follow the road about 1/2 mile to the trailhead.
    Driving distance is approximately 21 miles from Charleston.

    Bear Wallow Trail -- Driving south on Rt. 119 (Corridor G), take the Logan exit (just past Wal-Mart). Follow Rt. 73 east to Rt. 10 south. Pass the town of Logan and make a left on Rt. 17 north. Go under the train trestle. Go three miles and make a left on to Red Campbell Road at the Wanda Trailer Park. Almost immediately make a right and follow the road to the trailhead.
    Driving distance is approximately 50 miles from Charleston.

    You can also take advantage of the Trail system by yourself, but you will still have to pay the $15 day use fee. Do you really know which of the 500 miles of the trail system you want to ride on or would you rather have someone intimately familiar with the ride show you the "good places"? Your choice.

    This sounds like a grand opportunity for off road riding with the added bonus that you won't be encountering an overloaded coal or lumber truck coming around the blind corner on that really neat dirt road you found on your own... and we won't have to send out the search and rescue
    committe to find you when you get lost. =8^)
    Ride fast safely

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    Talking GS Rides

    Thanks for the info, we have already called and signed up. Nice people and very helpful. See you there.

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    Daniel Cohen

    GS with Touratech

    If you are attending the rally and will have your R1100GS or R1150GS with Touratech Luggage, please contact me.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Cohen

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