Being I love my tent camping off the back of my bike so much, just wondering what tent stakes ya'l use for tornado's in the midwest? I have a really good weather tent, stainless stakes too and like to think I can stay put if the wind blows really hard back there . I fun some with my question, as some folks have had really bad experiences back there, living with this threat every Spring/Summer(Joplin,eg.), no hurt intended. We have had a few rallies where this was indeed a factor, as in Spokane, Gillette, Ohio and so on. Tents seem to get thrown about when the wind blows! Does Sedalia have a shelter/bunker at the rally grounds??? A wonderful area, I rode just last year in my crossing USA. Its a target,however every year for the nastiest of storms, the whole of middle USA. I still ride it every year, wouldn't miss it with too many great memories of great riding that area. Randy