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Thread: Hello from the Sacramento CA area

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    Hello from the Sacramento CA area


    I'm David, and I just bought my first motorcycle since high school (and that was a long time ago!). I picked up a 2007 R1200RT, and the bug has firmly attached itself to if the rain will stop long enough to ride, I'll be a happy camper. LOL

    I had an epiphany a month or so ago when I put $80 worth of gas in my Expedition (without filling it) for my daily 52 mile commute to work. I started crunching numbers and realized I have been paying $800 a month in fuel the last three months. Time for a Plan B! The wife suggested we accelerate our plan to get motorcycles (it has always been a 'long range' plan), and last week we brought home our new toys. I've always loved the BMW Touring bikes since working around them in a police traffic unit (I was a car driver; never rode in official service), and found one at the local dealer I couldn't pass up. The wife? Well, she got her lifelong dream of owning a Harley, but I suspect in a year or so, I'll have her on a more comfortable ride...we'll see. I'll bet I'll be more comfortable after a day's ride than she will be! LOL

    Anyway, just wanted to post a hello. I'm sure I'll be lurking around here, and I look forward to meeting people around my area, as well as other places when I start traveling on the bike.
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    Nice intro David, welcome to the forum. Hopefully, along with the savings you and your wife can have some fun. Ride safe, Gary
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    The River City Beemers has some events going on this spring.

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