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Thread: r1200 gs tire options

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    r1200 gs tire options

    Well, after 6 great years on my 1150 RT I took the plunge with a 1200gs in the hopes it will spur on some bigger adventures.

    Love to hear people's thoughts on tires for the GS...I like good handling for the 90% street time but also capability on the gravel/trail roads.


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    Tell us more about yourself and how you plan to ride.

    For questions on tires, try searching the Hexhead/Camhead forum here:


    Or post a new question there and have the curent owners give you their opinions...and maybe there will be an answer in there, too!
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    Been doing this since BMW R80GS in 1982. A lot of GS'in in me, so here are my tire thoughts! Today, my GSA1200 wears BS BattleWings since new in '07. Great good wearing tires, mostly street oriented, but go offroading too with good results. They are considered a dual sport tire. I ride a LOT of offroad with'em on my bike. Mud and sand are most difficult, without knobbies but still done with my above tires. Its work! Knobbies are fine IF you are extreme dirt guy and want the best for that offroad experience, BUT pricey and wear out very quickly, so not practical for most touring BMW folks. You still see a lot of GSs with knobbies. Your money, if you can $afford$ a tire change every 3000m..I've ridden many offroad passes of Colorado and other states with regular dual sport tires in place, just having a lifetime of experience doing it. Others too can do this, just pic your trails and adventures carefully and you can always "turn around" if the going gets tougher than expected. Learn some or from some very good folks teaching this skill of offroading today. The rallies offer a lot of this and schools exist too. Good luck, Randy. PS; I get about 9000+ miles on a rear and 12000 on fronts, the above Bridgestones BattleWings501/502s. Priced better than most other tires too, do the same job equally well

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