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Thread: Nexx Helmets

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    Nexx Helmets

    Does anyone on this forum have experience with the Nexx line of helmets? I am specifically looking at the XR1R Carbon to use as a track day helmet but would consider it for sport touring if it were comfortable and reasonably quiet. I have no issues with a second helmet for sport touring in which case I am inclined to look at the Schuberth C3. Thanks.


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    I bought the XR1R Carbon at last year's IMS and have used it exclusively since (purchased it because of recent neck surgery and wanted something light). I'll get the weight thing out of the way first, it is light, very light.

    I had previously had a Shoei RF1000 which fit well and this is more comfortable, especially in the ear area (had to drill out some foam to place my Autocom speakers in the Shoei, fit fine in the Nexx). The eyeport is great. I always have a Pinlock in place works fine. The helmet is as quiet as the Shoei, if not, more so. I always use earplugs so most helmets seem relatively quiet.

    Liner is comfortable and it vents better than my Shoei. The only thing is that in this helmet I needed an XL in the Shoei a large. I had to use the larger shell size and it is bigger than the Shoei shell. I have to place it in my GTL topcase on its side to fit, the Shoei could go in upright.

    My wife has a C3 and I tried that on as well. I am not a fan of flip ups and if my Nexx was run over by a car would buy one again. The other thing I liked was that it is one of the very few carbon helmets that has a large amount of area painted white (believer in light colored helmets for visibility). Good Luck
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